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    1. Strategy

    Our strategy is embodied in our Brand name. Sagittarians are go-getters of our world! Enthusiastic and idealistic, the Sagittarius sign is always on the hunt for something or someone! We are constantly hunting for the best supplements to charge you with energy and cheer you up!

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    2. Development

    Sagittarius is a new-comer on the market of supplements suppliers. We are steadily enlarging our market share due to making development our top priority. Who or what do we develop? Firstly, our professional team. Secondly, our client orientation. Thirdly, our mechanism of choosing reliable supplements producers.

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    3. Production

    Our partners are located in the EU and the US. We cooperate with manufacturers with excellent production facilities, who invest in research and respond to their consumers’ feedback.

What We Do Best

Саджитериус внимателно подбира ефективни и безопасни добавки от най-висококачествените производители и бързо ги доставя на регионални търговци. Търсим най-добрите производители на добавки, които пазарът може да предложи и разширяваме нашата продуктова гама, за да задоволим нуждите и очакванията на нашите клиенти!

Our Mission

We aim to make high-quality food supplements affordable.

Our Products

Our products are well-selected and provide health and energy for your daily activities no matter how hard, time-consuming, pleasant or tiring they are. We have carefully selected our product range.

Our Achievements

Our clients’ positive feedback is our key achievement. We enjoy watching the result of our efforts and cooperation. When you feel healthy and cheerful, our mission is completed!

Inspiring You

Добавките не са заместител на лекарствата. Те не правят чудеса, но въпреки това редовната и контролирана консумация имат положителен ефект и Ви изпълват с здраве и енергия. Чрез добавките се надяваме да Ви заредим с радост и вдъхновение.

Trusted by over 10 000 happy consumers. Delivering energy works wonders!

Pricing Options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Our full catalogue and offers become available upon request. To determine which of our packages is best suited for you, just get in touch with us.

Customized Solutions

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us.

We get our vision from our consumers and their expectations from supplements taking.
What do they wish? Enough energy for time out to spend with their loved ones and enjoy the world around.


Прочетете какво казват клиентите за опита им след използване на добавките в хранителният им режим:

Dick Durbin

Millions of Americans take vitamins safely every day, including me. Vitamins and mineral supplements taken in recommended doses are safe. It's the designer supplements that are worrisome.

Liz Miller

The quickest and easiest way to improve your health and mood is by taking omega 3 supplements, in the form of fish oils or flaxseed. Add a good general multivitamin and mineral daily as well, as this will ensure that any trace deficiencies causing health or mood problems are addressed.

Steven Magee

“I only started to see improved health after I gave up on the USA medical profession and began to self diagnose and treat with supplements and vitamins.”

Deepak Chopra

Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a nutritionally balanced diet.


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